Are we prepacked up? Full of the stuff? Or do we acquire it?


Are we really enough or it is just a feel good sentence to sooth us? In my view we come with the master blueprint and the best engineer inside, the intelligence of life is probably both, so how do we give the best conditions to the engineer and pick the best blueprints?
Lets figure it out!

you, are, enough, you are enough,

Engineer and the energy

If we can give high energy to our body it will just work greatly like an hyper motivated and high performance engineer, it's like the quality of the eletricity matters in this machine and how well we can harness the energy and mantain the machine will eventually determine how we function. Then what I believe is yes we are enough, we have all the mechanisms and the ways to function, the only thing we must do is not to be in the way or by others words, don't break it if it's working!

An example is what type of food we consume will influence immensely the quality of energy in our system and therefore how it operates in it's efficiency. Give great energy to the engineer inside and the work gets beautifully done and as a result our health and well being is taken care. The engineer is working non stop since we were even in our mothers womb so it's fair to say that we are enough! If not, how could we've make it this far?! 

All the systems are in place, they just need movement to start running, the blueprint will be activated depending on the quality of the movement and the engineer is going to work depending on the quality of that too.

The blueprints and Dna

Picking the best genes as if you going to build your house, choose the blueprint you like.

We humans are likely to posess the master blueprint inside of us from the get go and then we just choose different versions depending on how and what we choose throughout our lifes, now the only thing is that we either choose consciously or we choose unconsciously. Unconsciously choosing is like living and going with randomness, maybe we get lucky, maybe we don't. As for consciously choosing, we atleast get more chances to get lucky and even get good at it with practice and time. But the question is how to choose consciously and safeguard our well being? 


Select the best and infuse yourself with energy

How you eat, exercise, the environment you live and more, are all choosing your blueprint or what genes get activated and then a cascade of events happens inside of you to create you and the circunstances you happen to be, but lets go to the root and give it strenght!

By the use of meditation we can recalibrate our lifes, focusing on a matter and then seeing how to change it, that is consciously choosing and with time and practice we get better at it, the more we choose consciously to eat better foods, choose better habbit patterns, though patterns and more we will get better at it and our genes will respond to that and activate accordingly. Have you heard that saying, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, now you know why!

So the issue is learn how to know and really choose your best genes and then with that reinforce with more and greater energy, as the consciously and intelligently choosing will feed both the energy and picking the right genes for abundance and well being.

We have got everything going for us, it's just that we have gone astray and prevent ourselves to work properly, don't let that keep happening, our own system is begging to heal and to work awesomely, remember when you got any wound? What happens next? The body phenomenally heals, it knows the way! If we don't scratch it again the wound will heal! In life I believe is actually the same, if we don't get in our own way, the best is coming and going as we go!


So are we really enough? I have to say, we are. The intelligence working inside of us guarantees our survival and flourishing even in the hardest situations and in most people, we are equipped with the greatest systems the world has ever seen and most have not even been discovered by most if not everyone. We are complete walking miracles! 

Even tho we put ourselves through so much wrong doing, guess how this great machine and intelligence responds? It just moves in direction of life, everytime no matter what, until is game over. Imagine if we allign with that trend, with that force, with that pulse? We would really mesmerize ourselves for sure, maybe one day, maybe one day. Let's keep walking. 


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