We don't like being bossed arround but...


I guess if we look at history we can very well look at many cases that there were many people enslaved and also there are many, many ways to be enslaved even by ourselves or mostly by ourselves if we dig deeper, lets be aware of some levels and ways, so we can shed some light on it!

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The evident or maybe not so much outer slavery

I mean everyone can recognize slavery outside, because you can see it very well when it happens, but for that slavery to manifest outside, first it must be agreed in another dimension. 

You see people being controlled, their actions and what happens arround them are all let's say imposed by another one, however there is one dimension where only you can allow slavery, although it is very hidden by the noise of the world.


The real slavery

So what's the other dimension, what is the real slavery? It is where all starts, whithin everyone of us. You can have your actions controlled and your environment even temporarelly, however your insides need not be controlled because only you hold the key, be joyful in hard situations and environment, is that possible? YES! With a bit of training you can do it.

Unfortunately most of people never become aware of this most fundamental aspect of themselves and end up being chaoticly bossed arround and letting their own power go away. It is the worst kind of slavery for sure, think about it, someone you never know or maybe someone you know, you don't want him to decide what you have for lunch, although this very person, you will let him control your inner processes, chemistry, mind, stress, everything is a cascade of events within you and you let all that core system of processes be controlled by someone else?

Forget about your lunch, forget about your surroundings, master your inner dimension and from there you will build everything you want!

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Wherever you may be and if you are reading this, it is my wish to keep reminding me of this sorts of thing and if anyone benefits from this, it's my pleasure.

Build from within, be from within, do from within because in the end that is where we are. Take care. 


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