Does it really?


How does our focus determine our reality? Is that just a catchy phrase or does it hold any true to it? I hold the notion that we work like a projector/producer kind of dynamic so what we focus it is what we project in life but most importantly, it is what we produce inside that projects outside, so in my humble opinion, this matters! Lets sing a little bit more about it!

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Assume the position of the producer

If we project what we are from the inside, sooner or later it would be wise to assume the position of the producer and become responsible for the whole production! And finally produce what you want with conscienciousness, that's the goal I believe...

Whenever we looking at something and connecting with it, no matter what it is, there is a resonance, like a balance of the inside and the outside, the inside will look out for the outside to see outside what is already inside, by the reflection we can see better what we are, like a mirror mirroring itself, we become the never ending reflections that make reality.


The focus at work

An example of the focus at work, if you made an appointment with somebody and that person is late, your focus will come into play right there, you will start to focus on that person being late, being inconsiderate to you, not caring for your time and even as a person... Or you can focus on your environment, the way the day is unfolding, whatever activity is going on arround you and you will feel probably some gratitude about being able to witness the magic of the day and I will guarentee, the people you are going to meet will feel that, either way you will meet those people sooner or later, now the only change is what you are focusing before, you will carry it into the conversation/meeting. 

You can meet them in a bitter way or in a sweet way and your focus decided that on both cases, because as you focus on bitter feelings you will start to generate/produce that inside of you and then you will project it out in some way. On the other hand if you focus on sweet feelings by witnessing the day, recognizing that you are alive and well, you will as well generate/produce just that inside you and once again you will project that in some way and guess what, that will change reality, things can't be the same on both cases, your meeting/conversation, the rest of the day, the rest of the week, the rest of the month, the rest of the year, the rest of life, like a cascade of events will be in effect influenced by your focus that just determinates your reality.

How to be aware of this and determine your own reality

It's about practice, what you practice becomes easier and doable, if you want to catch this process in you, you must train your focus so you at will can just shift your focus and stay there where you want it to be and by this you controll the whole process, here are some ideas;

- Reading makes you focus and it helps, the moment you start read and keep doing it, the muscle is trained. 

-Walking focusing on the breath or in your pace.


-Sports and many more, seek your spot, find it and the magic will find you.




From the moment you begin some kind of practice it will improve more and more, so keep doing it and sooner or later, your focus is finally really yours, you will manage the production and the projection and as I've found you will want after a while to create strengh, health and happiness for you and for others, what else?

All the equipment will be at your service just point it to where it matters, you will know better than anyone, take care. 


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