Lets first stop outsourcing everything externally


Yes of course we all have to consider external things, but remember that you are not here to live other's life, if that was the case, why bother? There is already somebody living that life. Use the push outside but move internally, there you will find everything.

I will share the 7 themes I suspect would impact the lifes of everyone if they jump and start simply doing, playing with it and eventually it will grow naturally, lets share!

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Get out of your mind and get into your heart and hands!

Use some basic information to start, but then do it, just do it, don't overstudy, after practicing you will figure out things on your own, if you feel the need to study further than do it but only after have practicing it, learning as living is an active process not passive.



I've written about meditation before, but here we go again, because it just works, you don't need to know everything about meditation to start doing it, I started doing it just by hearing about it on TV and some movies (curiosity also) and gave it a go, very young I just started, simple breaths, closed eyes that's it, you alone with you and just let it flow, after learning more I still find that the first time was still magic, maybe I should just go back to the basics! The more you study thou, the more you see there's no reason in the world to not meditate, that's my opinion. Do it, It will really work if you do it with fair consistence, you will awaken your humanity a little bit every time. Thank you. 



Everybody sleeps, right? I hope so! Well this one just requires attention because you are already doing it anyway! Yes you have been sleeping all your life, but were you sleeping the best way you can, the way that really empowers you? If yes, congratulations, if not well here are some ideas, first employ some basic study and do it, again...

The moment I've started prioritizing sleep, the brain and the whole system just transformed, you heal faster, you recover faster, you are sharper, well its a powerhouse of an ally to have on your side, here is for starters! 

Get your lights off the sooner the better, get to bed the earlier the better, use Magnesium, avoid technology at night so your mind can calm down at the end of the day and you go calmly into your dreaming sleepy time, remember do it and if you further investigate go for it after your experimentations!


Limit internet

Yea on the internet advising to limit the internet, cool stuff ya! Now for real, internet is a freaking jungle to our brains and the way it is designed, if you get lost in the jungle, what do you think it will happen after some time, well there you go.

I mean this is just a calling for some awareness, that's all it takes and then do what you think is right. What I did was limit all kinds of bullshit, sites and social media that only are there to grab your attention more and more and put you in the hook and then play with your interiority like you are some kind of puppet, it's not fun as soon as you notice it. Study a little bit and try limiting your exposure and see what it does. Be the scientist that you know you are, exprimentation is our playground!



Have you ever heard of the cornerstone? Well this was the one for me, that is where I build my temple of awesome habits upon, Exercise! After years of health struggles I decided to give it a shot, no matter if it was cold, hot whatever I decided to exercise every early morning and I've been doing it for more than 7 years, it's not much but it did it big time for me, beyond the benefits of exercise itself, I got to train discipline and then build more good ways with that, like a wall of bricks, keep building that wall, one brick at a time!

Again with exercise you already know it's good for you, so just start doing it, for this one you don't even have to study! Some push ups, walks, jogging, whatever just do it!



This one just requires a little bit of attention and study, because well imagine this you are putting a piece of the world inside you, consider that with all the care in the world, because it might deserve it. 

As for me what was a revolution, was just kicking out most carbohydrates, but the beginning was the exorcism of Sugar lol! Just try it out and see if works for you and built upon that, I will just say that the moment I was in all alert against sugar and start avoiding it, my body-mind rejoiced! 


Okay I saved the best for this last two themes, because this ones just don't make any sense, they are weirdly impactful and again study a little and then try it for yourself if it's anything like me, you will be astounded!


Waking up Early

Just waking up early? Is that it? YEA! The magic happens before the sunrise, try it for yourself, study, I don't care just play arround with your waking up hour until you get that moment of impact, that will make you realize you've been missing the joy of waking up with existence, I'm gonna be honest here, waking up before sunrise and earlier has the potential to transform you into a different, more alive person, if that doesn't intrigue you I don't know what will! I realized I could do and be so much more if I wake up super early, it is ridiculous! Every medic or what not should be yelling on top of every building for us to do this, but whatever, study it further if you want, but do it for the love of existence!


Sexual Energy Management

Oh boy, where am I getting into... Lets see.

The moment you realize that you have the properties to generate life inside of you, with vital fluids that are more precious to life and our bodies and minds than we could ever imagine, you will take it up as one of the most precious treasures in you, think about it for a second, YOU CAN GENERATE ANOTHER HUMAN BEING, HELLO?

I left this theme for last because this one alone will drive everything in your life if you pay attention to it and really experiment, it is your life force, it's your principle generator that gives energy to the whole that you are, if you waste it, you won't be able to generate much life of all kind. This is very personal so study a little and try it for yourself. 

As for me I will say that there are people in History that correlate retaining your sexual energy and employ it in other expressions rather than just in a sexual way to being genius and conductors of the spark of life, well that's probably what's missing to our generations, just a wild guess!! If you going to try any of this, try this one, overstudy it if you want, because this might be the one theme that is left alone for the most part, because as I've found out if you are wasting your energy you will want to compensate in so many ways, your desire for external energy will increase all time high and that runs industry! Another wild guess...seek and you shall find. From darkness to light. Thank you.


(Note: Here is an article where you can find some resources to get started on all this matters https://bit.ly/3fkkEHF and more great reads at fazser.medium.com)



What can I say, don't let yourself be robbed of life, build it up for you so you can share for others and one at a time, we all going to produce ripples of joy across the world.

This is my opinion and experience I hope it works as good or even better for you, study, experiment, try it out. Humanity can only be fooled for so long, the moment we say enough, it's enough, rekindle then the great fire within so we all burn bright like the sun, for we live only for a moment I figure it should be a bright one, Light up the day!

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