The moment you take your ability to respond back to you


Everything arround us looks kinda chaotic sometimes and even meaningless, but next day it's different why is that?

If one day is one thing and another day is another thing, there are two options in my opinion; one, the day brought something different and wired us differently or two, we change ourselves without knowing and behold, the day and hope and happiness hit us so well, thank you...what,who,why is giving one day meaning and the other day no meaning at all? Let's explore!

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Who decides if anything at all means anything or everything?

Well in my opinion and experience, what I've found is...You are the one giving meaning or not, for sure we change and conditions inside and outside of us as well, but the last word is ours!
You can define something that happened to you as meaningless, because you were just lazy to be motivated and energized to give it further elaboration on what happen, the story you tell yourself is really that important.
An example, giving the same gift to two different kids, lets say, a football, one kid will love it and the other will just ignore it, why is that?
One of them has a good story about football and the other kid either has a bad story with football or none at all wich ultimately results in a meaningless gift.

When you apply a story to life

Now imagine that you are the kid and the gifts are coming non stop, but this time the gifts are from life, every moment as in the present moment is a gift and your story will play with those gifts, if you have a good story with the present moment and life, you will give it meaning and rejoice everytime, as if you have a bad story or no story at all, then life will look meaningless and ultimately it will all look bleak and for nothing.


The time to take the ability to retell your story is now!

So in the end to better interconnect with life take a hold of how you tell your story, but how do you tell your story? It's simpler than you think, by what you do and say, if you take it upon on you throughout the day to take more care with what you say about who you are and what you do and how you relate to life, you will restructure you story and in the next day you do the same, until a point comes in your life that, the moments that were once meaningless are now full of life, because your story now fills it with life, the power to tell a story is now in your hands and you can now influence the most important character in this story, wich is yourself! Do it, be silly, retell your story in a different way, if you were always bad at a game or a skill, start learning and encourage yourself, in time your story will fill the gap and make it come alive!



We tend to become and do what we repeatedly think, so from now on focus on creating an epic story in your head, one of your liking, for sure it won't come alive the next minute, but persist and take a leap of faith forward and when time is right it will happen, just like a seed in the soil, take care of it with enough time and care, soon you will have life rising! Be like that seed and let your story be the juice that fuels you up!


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