Are we practicing the art of being miserable right now?


I think we all are mastering this dark art (lol?), now seriously, we can really make ourselves miserable and is up to us to be aware of that, how do we make it so? I would say, by the repetitive patterns we engage in, on many, many levels! Lets explore some levels so we can be aware of them and be responsible about it!

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The stuff that your system consumes

One way we have the potential to make ourselves miserable is for what we consume in any and every way possible, come on are we seriously thinking that it doesn't matter if we see violence movies or a great documentary about nature, it's not really the same! Just like eating, it doesn't matter if you eat a hot dog or a broccoli? Come on! It just ain't the same and if you keep repeating the one or the other behaviour, your body will respond accordingly, let's see the most recent and repetitive behaviour we probably might be remaking over and over again, the news! 

Checking the news over and over again will overstress, overreact and overkill our system, because the brain doen's know the true danger from the imaginary or distant danger. If you checking the news and it says there was an accident, the brain freaks out in subtle ways that it thinks it must react the accident right here right now, because for the brain there is only the now! Here and now, it is us that construct memory and future. So be aware of what chain of events you enact over and over again by what you consume and the chain of responses in your body-mind!

The stuff that your system produces

Give me the material, I will work with it, says your brain/mind to the world! Our brain just works with what it can get it's hypothetical hands on, so what we feed to ourselves is going to taint in a major way what we produce in many ways. It's just like, plant good stuff in your garden and good stuff will grow and after that in a rich garden it's just easier to be peaceful, in joy and love. In a great atmosphere/environment it's just easier to be human. Take care of that for your own sake and the ones arround you.


How it all works and why

Our bodies/minds work like a sponge in the world, but then we decide how to use it all, but let me guess this one, if we absorb more and more good "elements" it becomes much easier to choose from good stuff to produce a great outcome. An example, you go to the supermarket and buy many vegetables, it will be much more probable for you to produce a healthier meal with those vegetables then if you go to supermarket and buy fast food, you will not, most probably, eat a healthy meal, reducing the options to make a mistake and increase the options to win/succeed that's a way.

We developed ourselves as beings that separate from the world in order to achieve our survival in a more efficient and improved way. Imagine like we are living all happy in a village versus we are like hunters always on the hunt, that's us, we are both however the mechanisms of the hunter are really messing us up because by using the instincts of the hunter without control we became really focused on danger and surviving and the more we are in that mode the more we burn ourselves and become even more miserable in it all, it's a loop, break those loops!


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Master then the art of being a great human being by practicing the good patterns of life, consuming and producing what's most enjoyable for you and others, how?

Know the how and break it so you can build anew!
Or as many have said, master the rules so you can break them!

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