Why do you believe something negative about you?


Imagine the scenario, two players are playing against each other, lets say two tennis players, one of the players thinks he is a good player, the other one thinks he is not that great but the player he is facing is a great player, beliefs matter because they give strengh to reality and in this case lets do the math, two players and both think one of them is a great player, who you think has better chances to win? I would say in a question of believing and motivation the player that believes more he is a great player and even the other player thinks the same about the other player, so they are both reinforcing the same state, although believing is not enough it's atleast part of the equation. So why should the other player hold the believe that he is not that great and the one he is facing is a great player? And if that's a fact, not noticing it is just living a lie? LETS INVESTIGATE!

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Recognize and then charge 

Yes the player that is not the best must recognize that he is probably behind the other one if that's the case and study or train to do something about that, however after recognizing this fact, the player must focus on doing and being his best and no matter what, charge himself again and again with the belief that he is the best, because that belief will give him the direction, he may not be the best at the moment, but by pointing at it he will eventually reach that point, if he never points, he will never reach it.

So never believe something that doesn't empower you

By charging yourself with beliefs that might be true in that moment and don't empower you, you will never change the lack of power if you get stuck with beliefs that don't empower you and remain in the negative per say, however if you recognize the situation and change direction, because a belief is mostly a direction, by recognizing your direction is not leading you where you want to go, learn to change your direction or in this case, change your belief!

How to change your beliefs or direction

Throughout the times I've been studying this subject, there is always something that comes up, belief comes about because of successful repetition, as you repeat something like any input or output it eventually sets out as a belief, an example of an input would be, people constantly saying you are good at math many times and eventually you get that belief in you and maybe even get good at math, imagine! An example of output would be you practice a sport and eventually you become reasonable and then practice some more to the point you start to believe you are good at it. This output/input would reinforce each other on both ways as you believe and do something that does not empower you or empower you. 

So change your beliefs by being mindfull of choosing a good belief and then reinforce it with action that is congruent with it. That would look like, I believe I can do 20 push ups and then do it or believing and doing 100 push ups even if at first you can't do it, you don't stop believing that you can do it, you train and practice in that direction until it becomes doable. 

Now you are doing what you believe you can do then you can build on top of that, let's say I believe I can be an athlete and play for my national team (that's big but it's another process like said before) and as soon as you embody the belief and the actions that support the belief, it becomes imprinted in your core, an empowering belief has been achieved, so start small and back it up with practice and go big and that will change your belief big time!


Don't let other beliefs interfere on your process, most of the time we grow up surrounded by unempowering beliefs but they are not yours, remember, recognize the reality but then build a process of empowering belief and action to support you. 

If you let an unempowering reality and others unempowering beliefs at the moment determine where you are headed in the future, you better know you are going against your interests most of the time so again even if you are in a hard spot right now and having unempowering beliefs, shook them up, change your direction! If a sailor points south he will tend to go south with his ship, if he points north he will tend to go NORTH!


(Note: Here in this article you can find more knowledge about this and other stuff https://bit.ly/3fkkEHF and more great reads at fazser.medium.com)

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