Reading, a superpower among others?!


When we want to find solutions or improve our life or any other aspect of reality there are a few ways to go about it and as the title suggests, Yes! reading can be a superpower however it can be just the beginning, because as I've found there are other sources and they can be faster, better and more efficient in general, what are those sources, lets see!

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Reading books, articles, magazines and more is really a great way to move our minds forward in any subject we may choose. Furthermore you get the summarized experience of the author in a simple and ready to digest format, plus in case of a book, it can offer a great pack of wisdom at an affordable price that you can later in your private space explore and digest further. 

As I've read before, with a book you can get the experience of ten, twenty or more years of the author in one book and just reading it you get to know a lifetime of knowledge, if you bring together reading books with accelerated learning, like speed reading and improved comprehension techniques, you can absorb great amounts of information and solve situations much faster and much better, it's really an exponential way to go through many life's events. For begining exploration in any said subject, it might be the best choice, reading a book and get to know the basics and then move on to other ways or go straight to practice!



Well probably the best and more efficient way to get to master an art or other subject, because with a mentor, you can get the whole package, you get to experience in person the lifetime of acquired knowledge and experience by the mentor and you get to watch and learn wich is a very fundamental way of assimilating things for human beings! 

As compared to books, Mentorship requires patience, time, perserverance and probably commitment, you can have all that with a book but with a Mentor it's like the book has come alive!


Watching others 

We learn from the beginning in our childhood, watching others, more precisely our parents and that's one of the most valuable ways we have been handling things, learning and probably how cultures form and keep going. But in this case, nowadays we can see the top performers act on their craft live or in the confort of our home in video. From speaking, technical, sports areas we have the greatest among us performing and in video, we can really get a lot by just assisting to their performance and/or the explanation of their craft.


Self experiment

The most natural way! Self experiment is again another way that we naturally find as we develop as human beings and might be the most fundamental one, as with previous methods, there comes a time we must self experiment and practice what we have absorbed from outer sources and put our own essence in the craft.

This method might be the one we might consider, the longest one if we only practice from our own experience and keep learning as we keep trying and failing like the trial error method, but as there are proof in history with enough patience, time and attentive focus one can really make something out of our own craft, like self though artists, writers, inventors among others, they took the wild path, no matter how long it took and through the hardness of it, some become unique in their ways and gain originality never seen before.



So reading stands out as simple, accessible way to anyone to take the first step in any subject and then more potential serious ways to proceed like getting a mentor, watch how others do it (like buying a course from said person, wich can be mentorship as well) and the possible long and hard journey of self experiment and mostly exploration!

However to conlude this article, there's another way that might be the ultimate one if attained and used wisely, with enough time, practice and a balanced system the flourishing of intuition, imagination and inspiration can be the last or first stage one gets to and travels the journey of mastery. And like has been said many times before in time, there are only two mistakes on the journey, not starting and not going all the way! 


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