What is the ultimate treasure on earth?


I will go with life, but that's a given, right? I guess so. 

Well besides the power creative factor and holder of the universe what's else is there? At a personal level, here are my bets:


The unusual and even mystical force called, Imagination, many don't even bother with it, but I suspect it might be one of the most great treasure we inherit from life. How's that? Well that force of ours has more proeminence on some people than others, however if it's working properly, you feel like a wizard or a looney, either way if you can harnass its powers, imagination is the vehicle that every great artist from old and new drived, so can you if you pay attention.

With the right health and balance I believe your capacity to invent, find solutions, be creative and even happy is enhanced and it is very linked to imagination, seeing possibilities, connecting systems in a new way is like magic and relates very much to imagination and the future!


The ability to respond, maybe we think about this word as same as blame, but as I've found, responsibility is solely the simple capacity to have the ability to respond to every phenomenon that happens depending on the level of your awareness. 

An example, if someone throws some trash in the public road, you either have responsibility for it or you don't, if you pay attention the choice is yours. This gets a little tricky, but it does not need to. The trash is in the road, you notice it, if you don't have responsibility for it, you won't be able to change the situation, if you have responsibility you can change the situation, that's it, no moral, no judgement. Now apply this to every situation in your life and man oh man, things get weird!

The real change comes after the fact that you notice the phenomenon and you realize you can respond to it, you have  the ability to respond to anything! Responding to a pain in your body, responding to the trees that are exhaling and inhaling that simple awareness will make you take an appropriate action towards the matter at hand, we unfortunately have lost most of this great mechanism, that's why people are mostly apathic to things in their life and in the world.


Free Will

Here is where we get in trouble, real trouble! Why? Because this is the hard fact that every human being has free will, and what is that and how is working us up and down?! 

First, everything happens to and for an human being on the basis of free will, wich means the human being is sovereign on his existence no matter if he knows it or not and for bad or for good. An example is, ever tried to change someone's attitude or thinking? Well there you go, free will. They will only change, when They will it, no matter what you say or do, if the person doesn't apply his free will and adjust it to what you just said, Never Mind!

Second, we can really lose it (live under the illusion), atleast the notion of our free Will and let ourselves be fooled into situations and states that make ourselves slaves to others when in fact what is happening is that we are using our free will to let us be enslaved, confused? Ya me too, at the core we are always free, but using that freedom we can do everything even be a slave, there's freedom in that right? I guess so.



Tell me the truth! I can't! It is too big and too crazy! 

What really is the truth? The truth really is that wich is, always was and always will be. And is probably the most beautiful concept on this Universe. But we can never know truth right? Wrong, truth is not an opinion, truth is what works and what is knowable, if you can't find the truth, keep seeking, better!

Why are we in trouble most of the time? Because we are not alligned with truth, think of distractions and focus, if you are distracted you can't focus, well that's obvious, but how that relates to truth? Well unfortunately humans have been trained into the arts of distractions, massive distractions and that trains us to not be able to focus and pay close attention to then allign with truth and proceed from there. 

Like walking in a line on the road, if you are drunk (distracted big time) you can't walk straight, well that's basicly the same, the line represents the truth and if you are balanced you can grasp it and walk on it!


Okay what is the ultimate treasure on earth then? Hard to say huh? 

Well I will say the following, the ultimate treasure on earth is our experience of all the points stated above and more! 

Think about it, what is the most impressive thing that happened to you today? You are alive and capable of experience all the things discussed above and the magic never stops until we Level Up (passing away you know)!

Enjoy this absolute miracles through your experience, take care. 


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