Or are we swimming in so much data, we drowning here, help.


Books, internet, articles, movies, news, tv shows, series, youtube, streaming platforms, games, phones, laptops, computers, tablets, general tv channels, work papers, day to day information. WOW this is all the stuff we have to deal in modern day age and even more that I didn't even stated, what to make of all this?

WHAT, book, woman, is it just me, me, how, why,

A day in the life of pre modern age

As comparison and guessing I will think about the differences about human day life before all this data flood! This is just an exercise as I have no means to know exactly how it was but I will try my best guess.

So first thing, NO TV! Yes there was no television before all the technological flood, people would read newspapers, physical newspaper, I know it doesn't sound exciting but in the end I hope you will see the brighter side of the past (I bet it wasn't all easy but nowadays we have all the tech and still, health is dragging). No computers and probably no screens! Imagine your life without screens, it's hard to do nowadays, however it was possible back then (they had no other choice). 

The amount of processing that our brains had to do back then was only or most of it just daily tasks, planning and probably more demanding on the physical side of our system and so it was easier to balance the mental/physical aspects of ourselves by doing some physical labour, planning and reading wich would bring balance with our energy being allocated to both areas equally. And the strain on our systems was not only put exclusively on our brains like it's done today and that makes it harder to flow into fullfilment, joy and peace because our energy is not balanced like it used to be, there is chaos on our minds!

What to do?! Help!

We can't just go back to live in the past, we must adapt to our present time but with intelligence because if we don't apply discernment in our times we will be lost in the flood of data, screens and information! 

So a few solutions to this issue is getting knowledge about the situation and to realize what is happening to us in terms of health and wellbeing, after that we will be able to give more importance to this matter and know what's at stake. Then there are a few options, limiting and making boundaries must happen for us if we want to get the best of our health and technology of our modern age. 

So one practical solution is using a technique or practice that works like a safe time to be alone and breath so your brain can catch up with all the current of information because the brain has to process everything happening in and out, so the data flood is bigger than we can imagine. Something like meditation, brief walk, swimming, cycling are ideal to calm our processing in the brain and just cool it a little bit, think about it no machine can work non stop at the red line, it must cool a little bit from time to time. In our days this should be completely explained to children because they are being over exposed to technology and this doesn't end up well in terms of health and balance in all areas of life.

Other solutions would be to strategise what, when, why you consuming this or that data, things like, should I own a tablet, a smartphone, a laptop and an smart tv? Isn't this all too much? The more sources of data, the bigger the flood and the bigger/hard time our brains have to process all of it, so limit the number of devices you possess if you can. 

Another strategy would be, this is really good one for our health! Creating a rule, after dinner, no screens! Imagine that, but study this issue, if you can avoid all tech 1 hour before going to bed, your sleep time and quality will improve immensely. 

There are a ton of solutions if we make time to find them, but the best way to start is to get knowledge and then strategise so you can apply and see for yourself, above all protect one of the greatest tools you have to experience life, your brain, as the old saying goes GUARD THE GATES OF YOUR MIND, the depth of this advice is huge!


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So should we just all become amish? Humm I'm not sure but I'm not going full tech either, I prefer to strike for the balance that all sages and wise people of history have preached about, because they knew their stuff! 

Going full tech is not something our bodies are prepared I would presume because we can only do so much, there's a limit to our capacities and abilities and technology doesn't really care about that and to be honest most of marketeers and business man don't care either, so it's up to us one more time, we have to guard ourselves and our own, this is what life is made of, our bodies are the vehicles of our experience in life and the way we have to nourish others arround us with an healthy and balance way.

And technology does not need to be the villain here, it can help us if we become the captains of our ships and in this case the captains of technology, control it before it controls you! Think when you lose track of time in youtube or other platforms, that's really it, you are not being the captain of your ship there, from there it goes down the hill, we must secure our SHIPS back to our command!

 (Note: Here in this article there is more information and solutions https://bit.ly/3fkkEHF and more great reads at fazser.medium.com)

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