Life can get real easy or real hard


It depends on many factors and many will slip out of mine, yours and most people attention however, we must do our best, so here it goes.

Wich ways can facilitate our journey through life? Truly what is it that would make our experience on this earth more fulfilling and natural? Awesome big questions, I must say and the answers have been given as best as one can by all kinds of people throughout history in so many ways.

Reflected you, ball crystal, bola de cristal, see you, relection you, reflected

After being exposed to so many perspectives and ways, I will try to find my own now. To do this I will use one of the oldest ways we express ourselves, writing. By rearranging ideas and organize them in this format, clarity will appear (I hope so!) and as I've found out, everything is a process, a continuous one so lets keep it going.

The easy way

Yea there is an easy way right? It probably depends on if we are ready or not for it, as I've recognized, there is an easy way but probably most of us won't find it easy at all! It is simple and in theory it is also easy and makes life easy for sure. 

So what's the catch? It demands stillness, like complete unwavering stillness for determined periods of time and that will make our human system rebalance and "update" us to perform and operate better and in turn make life easier (ya this is simplified and there is much going on, however that's us and the world, super complex however if you pay attention intelligence of life simplifies!). This "smells" like meditation and yes I guess it can be a big part of the process. 

That's it, an easy way and proven to work for many, many years in the past, but nowadays, we can't do it, we really can't, with the rhythm of our world and everything going on, it's really complicated for any untrained person to do it. The modern times are like anti easy and slow, better make it fast and hard, or should I say Stressful?! 

The hard way

So if we can't do the easy way, what option is left? Here is my opinion, we make it hard so we make it easy! Sounds good but how's that?

We go the hard way but we put our eyes on the prize, the easy way, if we don't we will never achieve it, we will just auto pilot through and keep getting stuck in the hard way in life.

Fine and now what's the hard way? Here is how I see it, the hard way is like directions, tools, practices, ways that redirect us to the easy way and I must confess, the hard way becomes the easy way and they interchange most likely in the end, hear me out, when a football player starts playing and training, everything is hard at first but with time it becomes easy, so... It's about the process, the process will give us the capacity to achieve the easy way, in this case practice stillness and if you want meditation, but how? 

Well by the practice of discipline and Will you will increase your capacity to make "it" happen, as simple as it sounds it is I believe how it works, too oversimplified, yet if we don't start to simplify it in life, time will pass us through and we will still be stuck over unneeded complexities, actions are simple but thoughts can become way too complex.


As I said, I propose the hard way to achieve the easy way and I believe it will be also a long way, so that's the call to adventure, to me and I hope to you if you read this far.

I will write the hard way directions and possibilities in this site as I go along (as the easy way of stillness is yet too far but getting closer!). 

If I got it right, one of the most important things in life for humans to transform themselves is exposure, the different stuff you get exposed to will make you different and will represent different possibilities and options, as a kid in a small village who goes to a larger city to get exposure and expand himself so he can do better, differently and improve, that's my call to adventure and challenge, I hope it is yours too, because if we live what we are, the answer becomes YOU!


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